Faces of Hope is proud to partner with Saint Alphonsus Health System and Saint Luke’s Health System, as we work together to provide victims in Ada County with the Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE) Program.  The SAFE Program seeks to provide victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and elder abuse with the specialized services they need.  The forensic examination process occurs after a sexual assault and is a specialized routine that requires trained, empathetic, and supportive personnel.  Victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and sexual assault require a trained staff that understands the crime that has been committed against them, and understands what the victim is experiencing.  Faces of Hope is proud to house the SAFE Coordinator at the Center, full-time, in our attempt to provide our victims with the blanket of services they deserve.  By providing a well-trained team, we can ensure that those in need get the care that is appropriate for them, in an environment that is safe, warm, and welcoming, rather than in a busy emergency room.  Thank you Saint Luke’s and Saint Alphonsus for working with us to provide the SAFE Program to all victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and elder abuse in Ada County

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