Faces of Hope Foundation is pivotal to the success of the Victim Center.  The Foundation provides a myriad of medical, legal, safety, education, and basic-need services to individuals and families. The Foundation takes a trauma-informed care approach to supporting victims.  This approach allows the Foundation to provide essential services ranging from safety planning, medical care, emergency assistance with food, shelter, clothing, transportation and diapers, and information/referrals to long-term community services.  Thanks to the Foundation and its community Board of Directors, all of their services are voluntary and provided at no cost to the victim.  In doing so, the Foundation fills a fundamental gap in community resources, as these unduplicated services are not covered by insurance, crime victim’s compensation, or other community resources.  In other words, the Foundation provides the back bone of resources to victims in need.  In addition to providing much-needed services, the Foundation takes on a leadership role at the Center and seeks to empower and educate all who work within the building. The Foundation also spearheads awareness of abuse within the community, and promotes the Center’s mission, so that every victim in need, knows where to come and get help.

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